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  • Yummy 2048PLAY NOW!

    It is a variation of the 2048 game with deluxe design and 2 power-ups. Slide and combine the tiles with Food Items ...

  • Arrange CakesPLAY NOW!

    Pick and drop cakes to make a row of 3 similar cup cakes. Do it fast until cake reaches to right part of screen.

  • Owls BlockyPLAY NOW!

    An endless block collapse game with Owls. In this game you need to keep the stack below the top of screen.

  • Motor MahjongPLAY NOW!

    A wonderful mahjong game with many exciting levels and powerups.

  • Chain MatchPLAY NOW!

    Make biggest possible chains of similar blocks by connecting them. This is an endless game in which you get a new ...

  • Blocky Blocky XmasPLAY NOW!

    A wonderful block popping game for this winter. Click on groups of similar blocks to collect them.

  • Findergarten 2017PLAY NOW!

    After Findergarten 1, Findergarten 2017 is ready for you. rnPlaying this game is very simple. You will have some ...

  • Fruits Match BillionairePLAY NOW!

    Press the left mouse button to start. Now move the mouse on identical adjacent FRUITS (horizontally, vertically or ...

  • Skyline MakerPLAY NOW!

    Skyline Maker is a simple but addicting puzzle game. In it, you need to add and remove floors to make a building. ...

  • Fruits Connect DeluxePLAY NOW!

    Fruits Connecting Deluxe is an interesting puzzle game. This game is inspired from Mahjong. In it you need to ...

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